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Welcome to the Cluster.
Our objective is to better understand musculoskeletal tissue regeneration to improve diagnostics and therapeutic measures in an entirely interdisciplinary and translational approach.”

Heinz Redl,
Cluster Coordinator
Christian Hellmich
Head of Board

from trauma to tissue regeneration…
from molecules to clinics….

About the Cluster

Regeneration after trauma or injury is a fascinating and complex process. Some species are more capable of regenerating different body parts, tissues or organs while others possess only very limited regenerative abilities. Hydra for example, a freshwater polyp, can regenerate its entire body. Polyps are the early stage of what is commonly known as a… Read more >>


The Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration is a partner of TERMIS, the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society. Learn about the benefits of become a TERMIS member!