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A Pint of Science with Cluster members

Local research packed into three entertaining evenings – presented by the international festival Pint of Science. For the first time in Austria, scientists took the stage in the (virtual) bar next door. Among them were Susanne Wolbank, co-director of LBI Trauma and Gregor Weisgrab from Aleksandr Ovsianikov’s team at TU Vienna. 

The six one-hour events were dedicated to the unfathomable dimensions of our universe as well as to tiny inhabitants of earth. How do you photograph a black hole when it is actually invisible? Why do ants explode in Southeast Asia? How do you make stem cells feel comfortable outside of our body? At its core, of course, is always the question: What do researchers in Vienna, Graz and Linz work on right now? 

Interpersonal relationships were be brought on stage when researchers talked about how language brings us together – or separates us from one another. Two events in English focused on our brain and the team from “The Zone” invited us to a new experience in the space that opens up orthogonally to science and art. 

No prior knowledge was required for enjoying the evenings: Pint of Science wants to make science accessible to all. All talks can still be viewed on their Youtube channel: Pint of Science Austria 

Session 5, „Unser Körper aus dem Labor“ (Our body out of the laboratory), featured Susanne Wolbank from LBI Trauma and Gregor Weisgrab from TU Vienna, talked about stem cell recycling and 3D-printing support: Show 05: Unser Körper aus dem Labor