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Invitation to join the ORA Hard Tissue Research course


The Osteology Research Academy invites you to join their Hard Tissue Research course, chaired by Cluster members Reinhard Gruber and Stefan Tangl, hosted at the Medical University Vienna. The course includes presentations as well as hands-on laboratory practice and extensive time to discuss own research projects and learn from the experts in the field.

The 3-day course provides in-depth information on bone anatomy, (patho)physiology and histology as well as the analytical methods to conduct pre-clinical and clinical research projects on hard tissue. The hands-on part represents an opportunity for those interested in histological techniques to go into more detail and learn the most important techniques from experienced scientists.

Moreover, the use of freeware programs for histomorphometry and imaging will be demonstrated to allow beginners an inexpensive but professional and reliable access to these fields of expertise.

Registration via the Osteology Foundation webpage: