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New additions to the Cluster 

Since the last annual meeting, which took place at the University Clinic of Dentistry in Vienna, the Cluster counts 28 research groups from thirteen institutions. Four new members, representing their research group or department, have been accepted into the Cluster after presenting their outstanding research in course of the meeting: 

Florien Jenner, Head of the University Equine Hospital at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, demonstrates that tissue regeneration is not only about humans. Her focus lies on musculoskeletal research, especially joints (osteoarthritis, meniscus ruptures) – an essential topic for equine health. 

Sébastien Couillard-Després, Head of the Institute for Experimental Neuroregeneration at the Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, aims for restoring the functions of the central nervous system that have been lost as a result of trauma or disease. Therefore, therapies with adult stem cells as well as stimulation of the endogenous neurogenesis are examined. 

Michael Fischer, Professor of Tissue and Organ Replacement, Head of the Center of Experimental Medicine at the Danube University Krems is interested in the biological principles of regeneration and degeneration. At the Cluster meeting, he presented his studies on the dynamic cytoarchitecture in cultured human MSC. Moreover, his research is focused on the identification of molecular keys for stem cell differentiation, bioactive substance for stem cell communication and the biophysical stimuli of stem cell niches. 

Stefan Nehrer, Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medicine, Head of the Center of Regenerative Medicine at the Danube University Krems, is doing research on tissue engineering for cartilage and bone regeneration to develop and further improve therapies for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Novel biomaterials, their biocompatibility and resulting cell-matrix interactions are of special interest to him. At the Cluster meeting he talked about the role of the subchondral bone for osteoarthritis. 

The Cluster is looking forward to fruitful cooperations!