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New book: “Visual Biology in Oral Medicine” 

The newly released book “Cell-to-Cell Communication – Visual Biology in Oral Medicine” distinguishes itself through an extensive approach to the question of how we can regenerate tissues and heal diseases by understanding and influencing the language of the cells of the oral system.

Prof. Gruber proudly presenting bis book (Copyright: University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna)

Being the result of the work of 47 world-renowned experts from 13 countries, this cell atlas provides the reader with high-quality content that is both comprehensive and detailed at once. Cluster member Reinhard Gruber, professor at the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna, Bernd Stadlinger, professor at the University of Zürich, and Hendrik Terheyden, professor at the University of Kiel, functioned as editors. 

The addresses the vision of how tissues can be regenerated through an understanding of the language of the cells of the oral system. Besides classic cell types in the first part of the book, it introduces organ systems or model systems of cell-to-cell communication in the second part. Furthermore, the book provides insights into the ever-developing research and gives an outlook on future therapeutic options. Special features include coloured scanning electron microscopic images and an augmented reality app accompanying part of the content. 

The book is available via Quintessence Publishing:…