(Lead: Thomas Nau)

Injuries of bones and ligaments are a frequent consequence of trauma, such as traffic accidents, osteoporosis-related fractures and sports injuries. A quick and full recovery of these injuries is of great importance. In some cases, the treatment is especially challenging due to the compromised healing and regenerative potential of the tissue, resulting either from damage to blood supply, systemic conditions or advanced patient age. In order to reach successful healing of such injuries, surgical intervention and tissue grafting are often required.

Reinhard Gruber (Bernhard Gottlieb University Clinic of Dentistry)
Andreas Traweger (Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg)
Johannes Grillari (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, TAmiRNA)
Christian Hellmich (Technical University of Vienna)
Darja Marolt (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Traumatology, the research center in cooperation with AUVA)
Andreas Teuschl (University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien)