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10th anniversary of the Cluster

The 10th anniversary of the Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration took place on 3rd November 2016. Under the theme “The road to tissue regeneration – Highlights of cooperation” the meeting focused on medical needs and current approaches. 

The program gives insight into the broad variety of talks: 

Christina Schuh/David Hercher 
From cell function all the way to the clinic 

Anna Weihs/Christiane Fuchs 
Mechanotransduction – the shared path of shockwave treatment and bioreactors 

Paul Slezak/Peter Dungel 
From local hemostasis to healing: Bringing light into the darkness 

Peter Ertl/Günter Lepperdinger 
Go with the microflow! 

Anja Peterbauer 
Reusing medical waste – Fat 

Susanne Wolbank 
Reusing medical waste – Placenta 

Regina Grillari 
Reusing medical waste – Urine 

Severin Mühleder/Wolfgang Holnthoner 
Who does not need vascularisation? 

Andreas Spittler 
Extracellular vesicles – new blebs on the block 

Aleksandr Ovsianikov/Stefan Baudis 
Biofabrication – what else? 

Sylvia Nürnberger/Christian Albrecht 
Cells that keep you moving 

Pavol Szomolanyi 
From nice pictures to solid data 

Andreas Traweger 
Tendon and brain – the same? 

Johannes Grillari/Ara Hacobian 
„Klein aber oho“ – miRNA on the rise 

Reinhard Gruber 
Not only long bones are interesting 

Andreas Teuschl 
Bones want to be connected – the Silk Road