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Austrian Microfluidics Initiative brings together experts from the field

The Austrian Microfluidics Initiative (AMI) was launched by TU Vienna in 2017 to bundle expertise in the field of microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip systems and organ-on-a-chip technology, bringing together experts from the fields of microfluidics, sensor systems, medicine and life sciences. By connecting industrial developers and manufacturers, academic researchers and potential users in a common platform the initiative aims to boost the translation of research ideas to finished products ready for the market. 

The mission of the Austrian Microfluidics Initiative is to provide technological expertise and know-how ranging from microfluidics design and simulation, rapid prototyping and assay miniaturization to small and large-scale production of microdevices. 

The Initiative is supported by BioNanoNet, an Austrian scientific network that specializes in Key Enabling Technologies. Cluster member Dr. Peter Ertl acts as spokesperson and leading expert on microfluidics, Dr. Günter Lepperdinger, also from the Cluster, as leading expert in the field of biology. 

With its strong focus on community and networking, its strategic positioning is implemented by Austrian universities and industrial partners. Further participants are welcome! 

Information as well as contact details can be found on