Out now: Peripheral Nerve TissueEngineering and Regeneration

The newest edition to the Springer Reference book series “Biomedical Engineering – Tissue Engineering and Regeneration” has just been released for the first time in hard copy. With a uniquely translational perspective the volume links basic scientific knowledge on neuroregeneration with clinical application.

Peripheral Nerve Tissue Engineering and Regeneration” contains contributions by an international team of renowned experts in the field. LBI Trauma director Thomas Hausner, head of Neuroregeneration research David Hercher and James Phillips, professor of Regenerative Medicine at University College London, acted as editors. 19 chapters give a comprehensive overview of all the key technologies developed for current and future nerve repair. The perspectives not only transverse fields but also time, as the introduction includes the first published detailed historical perspective of nerve research.

The Springer Reference book series “Biomedical Engineering – Tissue Engineering and Regeneration” is being developed to be the premier scientific updatable information source for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. It is created in cooperation with TERMIS, the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society. To give back to the community, access to the books is free for TERMIS members. (https://termis.org/index.php?q=springer-book-series)